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For 20 years we have incorporated total quality management principalsin the types of work, processes, planning and services that we provide to our customers

We have received consistent 100% ratings from our aerospace clients since our inception ,encompassing quality, delivery and process control.

A.I.D. is an environmentally Earth friendly company following the guidelines of the EPA's requirements covering the materials we use and the processes we perform.

All of our processes are handled through our custom made software called "IWOTS" - Initial Work Order Tracking System. Since 1997, every process at every stage is tracked in detail to ensure timeliness and quality control along with time and material, keeping us very competitive in todays market.

We are continually working to improve and refine our environmental programs to help provide a safer and more efective working climate for or employees, customers and the world.



Each employee has been funcationally trained in statistical process control enabling A.I.D ro process critical coatings for aerospace, commercial and food service application for the benefit of our customers

A.I.D strive to provide analyitical capabilities using TQM, SPC and ANSI Y14.5M-1982 for trouble shooting speacial coating needs, insuring that the end product is fully functional tot he required specifications.

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